Pope, Church Pretend that Religion & Science Compliment Eachother

Pope Benedict XVI, the "holy" man formerly known as Joseph Alois Ratzinger (Prince reference anybody?), used Winter Solstice as an opportunity to continue a lie.

Ratzinger proclaimed that by comprehending the laws of nature we can somehow grow in our understanding and appreciation of "the Lord's" works.

In truth, there is a HUGE disconnect between religious "faith" and scientific fact.

One must either fully believe in what their holy book says, or one must concede that the holy book is flawed, and thus not "God inspired," but rather the written musings of man.

It's all or nothing people. God either meant it, or he didn't. And choosing for conveniece is the same as acknowledging the falsity and numerous inconvenient flaws.

Science has shown us that the earth is much older than holy texts suggest. Religion has made up excuses to try to incorporate this. They either conveniently make up something called "God's time" or they disregard science and radiocarbon dating all together.

Science has also shown us that the earth was not created in a matter of days, and that humans, and every organism we see on this planet, did not exist when the earth originally began to develop.

(Many religious leaders would have us believe that the earth is not BILLIONS of years old, but rather, only a few thousand.)

In other words, the creation story, which is how the holy book says everything came to be (THIS IS A BIG DEAL HERE) is a myth that is in direct conflict with science.

Science has shown us that, contrary to what religious leaders may tell us, humans are the result of evolution: we were not simply placed here on earth by some deity who made us "in his image." We evolved, this is a fact.

Religion and science have been battling eachother for as long as wishful thinking (rather than truth and logic) has been used to give peace of mind.

At first religion rejected evolution, and now, with the overwhelming amount of evidence, it is trying to accept it by calling it part of "God's plan." Labeling it "creationism."

I call it a sad attempt to remain relevant via slight of hand. Religious leaders are picking and choosing from the bible and cherry picking data from science. Then they mold them together as much as possible and sweep any disconect under the rug.

This is nothing new for religion.

As noted by Fox News today:

"The Catholic Church condemned Galileo in the 17th century for supporting Nicholas Copernicus' discovery that the Earth revolved around the sun; church teaching at the time placed Earth at the center of the universe. In 1992, Pope John Paul II apologized, saying that the denuncuation was a tragic error." (took long enough?)

Nothing like being condemned for using your brain and scientific fact.

Just as the church found it insulting to think that we weren't the center of "God's" universe: His CHOSEN creations. They still find it troubling to realize that their teachings are being unvelied as false by science.

"I am against religion because it teaches us to be satisfied with not understanding the world." ~ Richard Dawkins.

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