Right wing conspiracy propaganda

I figured I would title this "Right wing conspiracy propaganda" to beat out those of you that have no other defense to the facts portrayed in this video.

As you may know, I'm on the conservative end of this blog, and I'm supporting J-Mac in the '08 election. Last time I checked David is leaning towards Obama.

Here's a very interesting video I found today linked off of a website that aims to look behind the wonderful speeches and words that Obama spills out everyday and look at his record, you know that crazy thing that really matters when you're trying to become president. Http://nohussein.org

This is part 1....I'll probably be following up with the others soon...

If you're still weighing the options for this November, please watch this entire video and check out the website http://nohussein.org.

I'm sure there will be more posts soon after each side announces their Veeps, too. Tom Ridge with J-Mac....still not sure how I feel about that...might get PA to become a red state.....who knows....

Disclaimer: If didn't catch my mocking the ridiculous left wing nuts, I don't believe this is actually propaganda....

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