Issue by Issue: Obama v. McCain

Let's Talk This One Out...

The major issues of this campaign, at least in my opinion, are as follows:

alphabetical order...

Abortion: For me, this has always been a tough issue. I am not a woman, I am not going to get pregnant. I also, will not be finding myself in the situation where I would be getting a girl pregnant. I believe that it should be the woman's choice as to whether or not they will carry a baby to term. On the surface, this may seem like a simple issue. It is not. I reccommend reading up on the SCIENCE behind fetus' development, the issues that lead to unwanted pregnancies... such as lack of education or improper sexual education altogether (which is rampant in this country due to bad funding and private schooling). Don't get me started on religion and sexual education, just look to Africa and the AIDS EPIDEMIC coinciding with the religious right's refusal to educate and provide condoms... "Our way or the ..." ... well a horrible and excrutiatingly painful death. Weighing it all out, Obama wins this one for me.

Afghanistan: Since we know that 9/11 had nothing to do with Saddam and Iraq or WMDs, why are there over 130,000 U.S. soldiers in Iraq and only 36,000 in Afghanistan? Yah, I don't know either... so for me, Democrats take this one too.

Economy: With the economy as it is (and by now everyone seems to agree it isn't good) why would we cut taxes on the people who already have 50x's more than enough money to live comfortably? Shouldn't the people who are barely making it get a tax break? I think so. Increasing taxes on those who make millions a year so that they only make... umm... let me check... still millions a year is NOT communism. I agree that people need incentive to continue working hard and making money, but if someone complains that they are making only (yes sarcasm) $4,000,000 a year instead of $7,000,000 , well then I think they are just greedy. If you disagree, then you disagree. Also, corporations such as Walmart and Microsoft and MANY MANY OTHERS use tax law loopholes to avoid paying many taxes altogether. McCain wants to cut corporate taxes even more on for those who are even paying to begin with. Obama wants to make them pay up, McCain doesn't. Heck, I pay taxes, I think Walmart, Microsoft, and thousands of other corporations should too. This would cover tons of programs and initiatives that Obama has proposed.

Education: No Child Left Behind is horrible in its current condition. Trust me, I read the literature, the whole dang packet of papers: I had a class that covered NO Child Left Behind with former Republican Congressman Bud Shuster and HE EVEN SAID N.C.L.B. was BAD. McCain is for it and voted for it, Obama said the intentions were good, the bill was bad. I agree with Obama.

To be Continued with....

Gun Control
Health Care
Homeland Security
Iraq (War)
LGBT Civil Rights
Stem Cell Research

Yes there are other issues, but these are the ones that seem most important to me.

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