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Yup, I'm reading today's newspaper and commenting on it.  Be excited...

excited yet?  good.

So there were record voting turnouts in the New Hampshire Primary: good or bad?

Well, good to see that so many people care more to get involved this year.
Bad, because there's a good chance half of the people who voted are, in fact, morons.

Better:  At least more cognitively disabled persons of the country will have bumper stickers saying, "Don't blame me I voted for Hillary"

Oklahoma has imposed a strict immigration law called "1804."  The result?

Good: we get to see what will happen with such rules in place on a smaller scale than just throwing it in at the national federalmonster level.

Bad:  Apparently it isn't working out so well for businesses that involve manual labor.  At one nursery/landscaping business over 40 illegal immigrants left for other states to avoid penalization.  As a result, these businesses are kinda screwed for finding workers and the state's economy will take a hit.  

Better: I can find a job landscaping in Oklahoma this coming summer if all else fails.

Juno: The Movie = Amazing

So I got to meet up with Paul Ronjonavich IV in Pittsburgh and the result was the viewing of an amazing movie.  Juno is offensive, witty, hilarious, nonsensical, and overall sexy.

Good: This was literally the best movie I've seen in a long fricken time.  It's worth the money.

Bad:  2 old ladies were sitting directly behind me and I did not hear them laugh once.

Better:  Turns out they had died from heart attacks derived from the shocking nature of the movie.  So, I wasn't wrong, the movie is funny after all.

Iran: boats threaten U.S. naval ships

So, several Iranian boats apparently circled 2 U.S. ships in the Middle East and sent 2 threatening messages:  

"I am coming to you"  and "You will explode after 2 minutes." 

Good: Nothing exploded

Bad:  What the hell is going on?  Seriously, if these were really stupid Iranian tactics, what are they trying to do...Start another war?  

Better:  My solution- put a huge bio-dome over the Middle East and let them fight it out themselves.  I am growing tired of wars, especially ones derived from discord based on religious fundamentalism and ignorant viewpoints on the world.  Everyone needs to get high and chill out.

Other things you might care to read up on:

- 70-car pileup in central Florida, the pictures are horrifying.
- There's a new MySpace for celebrity profiles

- Hillary got emotional during an interview when talking about the grueling nature of campaigning.  So she's human after all, but will people take a woman crying as weakness rather than anything positive?

- The U.S. has renewed raids on al-Qaeda, the crazy religious group that ruins a lot things by blowing themselves and other things up.

- Check out www.myspace.com/metrostation, listen to Kelsey
- Check out www.myspace.com/mgmt, listen to Time to Pretend
- Check out www.myspace.com/anberlin, listen to The Haunting

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David Allen F'n Acker (DAFA)

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