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I have been reading up on various viewpoints regarding religion and atheism for a fairly long time now.  I recently finished the book "god is not GREAT" (atheist) and I am currently reading the books "The Year of Living Biblically" (neutral and interesting) and "The Case for Faith" (religious).

I had been reading a book by the same author as the latter title called "The Case for Christ" but, a quarter of the way in, I realized I would have to first a) believe in a god, and, b) believe in Christianity in order to buy into a book of such a persuasion.

The point of this blog post is to make you, the reader, THINK.

Try, as hard as you can to watch the video(s) below, which yes, features an atheist; and try, try your hardest to think LOGICALLY sans preconceived notions.

watch the video(s) and leave COMMENTS vvvvv



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