What is "God's" Purpose?

For what reason does "God" exist?

Approximately 84% of people on the earth strictly adhere to one form of religion and have a belief in a God. The remaining 16% consists of atheists, agnostics, secular humanists, or those with no religious preference. 8% of these people believe in a God in one form or another.

But here's my question: Does a "God" have to exist? And if he/she/it does in fact exist, then why?

Many people believe in God because it gives them a purpose, a reason for existing, and something to look forward to after death. But what is God's purpose? Doesn't the deity need one too?

Perhaps we as people have created the "God" that we would like to believe in. Maybe we have fashioned him to conveniently meet our desire to have a purpose.

"God doesn't have to have a purpose, because he is god" - would not be a logical answer, but rather, circular reasoning. Just like, "The color green just is green, because that's the color that it is" does not make sense.

You might as well say, "Well I don't need an answer, green is green and that's good enough for me."

Furthermore, upon scientific analysis we learn that specific wavelenghts of light in the visible spectrum are what make green appear to be green. So we know why green is green, but do we LOGICALLY know why we need a "God"? Do we have any answers past:

- Well we had to come from somewhere
(Why do we have to come from somewhere, but "God" doesn't?)

- Well, he just has always existed
(Why is this an acceptable answer, but not the Big Bang Theory?)

- Because God can do anything
(How do you know this? How can you even prove he/she/it existed in the first place?)

- Well, you just have to believe, you have to have faith...

It sounds to me like we need to put our minds at rest, so we create illogical answers to difficult questions. If you can shake that feeling of uneasiness that maybe, just maybe there is not a "God," that there is no afterlife, and that there is no higher power... a lot more things in this world start to make sense.

We always hear people say after something tragic happens... "Why did God allow this?"

Maybe because "God" doesn't exist.

Holocausts, genocides, war, tsunamis, hurricanes, earthquakes, cancer, AIDS, the list goes on and on. Maybe if we stop asking "God" (who never answers), and we start looking for solutions, methods of prevention, and scientific explanations, we would be doing ourselves a huge favor.

We can start fixing problems rather than wishing and praying the day away.

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