Rhode Island: Civil Unions if you are eighteen or older

(TODAY)  The Rhode Island House Judiciary Committee is debating whether or not the state should legalize civil unions between individuals who are age 18 or older.

  In what started as a same-sex marriage debate it seems that Rhode Island has not only shied away from equal rights for the LGBT community, but also decided to lump a bunch of other issues into the mix.

  If cleared through the state House and Senate, the new law would permit civil unions between:

- Relatives
- Unmarried siblings
- Almost anyone over 18

  Understandably, people could use this new law to join together to make medical decisions and be allotted some of the legal rights that nearly any heterosexual person can obtain through marriage.

This is the same House committee that oversaw debate on the state's gay marriage bill.  Although both the House and Senate have examined and discussed the gay marriage bill, no vote has been scheduled despite encouragement from Governor Chafee who supports same-sex marriage.

Just another example of "Well you can have this... but you cannot have what straight people have..."  2nd class citizens.

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