Clowns Protest Halloween Stereotyping in UK

(Toothless Grandma in the UK) A group of clowns have begun to protest at Alton Towers Theme Park over a belief that a haunted maze at the Staffordshire theme park demonizes them.
The new maze attraction which is called 'The Carnival of Screams' will open over a two week period up through Halloween. The segment in question is a fun house overtaken by evil clowns who chase visitors through the attraction.
Fips the Clown, a protestor, was one of many clowns holding signs outside of the park.  His simply read 'We are not happy.'
Another sign that was held by Ringo the Clown caused more confusion than anything:
"It only serves to reinforce stereotypes of clowns as evil. This will do for clowns what Jaws did for sharks," said Fips.

Fip's comments have already sparked rumors of upcoming protests by clown sharks.

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