Bryce in Minnesota Still Waiting on Domino's Pizza to "Make it up to him."

(Grandma Gourmet)  Since submitting the photo of his squished an pitiful Dominos delivery pizza, Bryce Griffon of Duluth, Minnesota has yet to see any sort of effort to make up for the horrible service he received other than "commercial lip-service and BULLSH*T"

The twenty-one year old St. Scholastica sophomore is more than pissed off.

"They use my photo of my F-ed up pizza to make money through advertisements, tell me they are sorry, and then send me male hookers.  I'm peeved."

To date Dominos has tried to send Bryce over a dozen male go-go dancers, strippers and pre-paid prostitutes.

(Not a pizza delivery boy)


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Hey d!pshit. Wrong Bryce. The real one was from Bemidji MN.

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Satire... satire... satire people. I'm assuming that's what the comments are as well?