An Ohio school just voted Yesterday (finally) to fire a middle school SCIENCE teacher named John Freshwater that burned the image of a cross into a MIDDLE SCHOOL student's forearm. The "educator" at Mount Vernon Middle School has been allowed to teach his junk religion-based pseudoscience for 21 years.

Freshwater used an electrostatic piece of equipment to brand a cross on the arm of a student. The student reported that the mark was painful and that the image lasted for three weeks. The student's family has filed a lawsuit.

Freshwater has, among other things:

- Refused to remove his Bible from his classroom desk.

- Taught creationism with evolution and tried to say that the Bible is accurate in telling the age of the earth...(has anyone ever heard of radiocarbon dating? Let me guess, dinosaurs are fake too?) He (a SCIENCE TEACHER) essentially, according to reports, told kids that evolution and science are wrong in cases when they contradict the bible.

- And, according to CNN.com's sources, he told his students the following:

"science is wrong because the Bible states that homosexuality is a sin and so anyone who is gay chooses to be gay and is therefore a sinner."

I do not know where to even start on this guy.

People wonder why Corey and I get passionate and vocal about religion. "Dave, if you don't believe that's fine, but let everyone else believe what they want!"

A little math for ya: Freshwater taught for 21 years. The average class size for a public middle school is around 28 students. On top of that, remember this is a public school with class rotations. Let's say he had two of their eight periods free (so he taught 6 different groups of kids a day) That means that this guy lied to and brainwashed over 3,500 impressionable children.

The sad part is that there are, without a doubt, hundreds, if not thousands more teachers just like him.

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