So, I never thought that religious people would deface my vehicle for expressing an honest and, in my opinion, not really offensive message (scroll to see... and scroll to continue reading)
That was the sticker on the back of my car. The vandal(s) added below it "Satan doesn't mind!"

A few things: I thought that religious people were supposed to be respectful and not damage property. (well I have learned otherwise previously so I was not that shocked).


How scared are these people? "Satan doesn't mind!" REALLY!!??? How can a person possibly KNOW if "Satan" even exists? (or "God" for that matter). It is pretty clear to me that people are afraid to question something that they cannot prove or fully understand because they don't want to risk going to a "hell" that probably doesn't exist for any other reason that to spread the religion and keep people afraid in a catch-22 of nonsense.

What you think ?


CRH said...

Apparently Satan doesn't mind people who vandalize cuz the more the merrier right???

What did they write it in? Sharpie or finger in dirt?

I hate dumb people.

Anonymous said...

It was a permanent marker.

I removed the sticker, only took an hour.